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Suzann Wade Mgmt

The management company Suzann Wade has been developing talent for over 20 years.


Suzann the original founder was fortunate enough to work directly under one of the UK's most well respected talent managers, the late Penny Harrison, and then went on to build her client list from scratch into a well respected management firm, in the UK and internationally.

Clients have worked at the prestigious

Royal Shakespeare Company, West End Theatres, nominated by their studio for

Academy Awards and worked in Blockbuster Movies - see our Projects List which includes work sourced directly for clients and not via secondary agencies. 

REPRESENTATION - Please hold phone calls. To apply, you must have a valid EU or UK passport and be over 16 years old. Only those with IMDB or Spotlight links will be considered, so please put your link in our contact form below when applying. We will contact potential clients if we feel we can be of assistance. We no longer represent crew.

INVITATIONS TO SHOWS and SHOWCASES - Please use our contact form.

Useful sites: ACT and SpotlightBooks Published: The Show Must Go On.

Book entitled The Show Must Go On - A Covid-19 Survival Guide For Performing Artists
Suzann Wade


Our books are now closed, please apply in May 2024 - you MUST send a IMDB or Spotlight link. Only talent with substantial credits and good showreels can be considered.

We are not accepting writers so please do not send any material as this may become our ownership by default and any IP claims void. 

Suzann Wade

Thanks for submitting!

Sharing Data with Production Companies


We require third parties to confirm that they are GDPR compliant, as we are, before we can share any personal data of clients with them. Sharing of information is specific to a production, publication or opportunity and it is expected that this data is deleted by third parties, including casting directors, as soon as the project is completed, the agency’s services are no longer required and/or the client is not hired. This may include any personal information, such as contact details, date of birth, measurements etc that was provided by the client or the agency through the process. The majority of companies we deal with on a regular basis will have a corporate GDPR policy, and we may need to verify compliance before we can share any data with new contacts, or with production contacts who do not use corporate e-mail addresses.


Data from Agency Applicants


When prospective clients complete our client form and provide information regarding representation, we will archive this information until we can contact the potential client for agency consideration, or until we have auditioned the client, or if representation is not an option, and will delete this information within 30 days. 


Data from Clients


As an agent, we require personal data on clients that is kept for various reasons such as to arrange auditions, negotiate contracts, administer payments, and which may continue even after representation has ceased. 


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