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If you are feeling stressed or anxious at work and need further support, then it is worth trying the following sources of assistance: 

NHS mental health guidance

Film + TV Charity support line  

NHS mental health urgent support 

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Suzann Wade was incorporated in March 2006 and continues to represent talent of the highest calibre in all mediums including but not limited to feature films, TV, radio dramas, musical theatre, stage, corporates/events, voice overs, commercials, animations, motion capture and gaming. In addition to our agency services we offer personal management and represent talent predominately based in London, but also talent in Europe, the USA and Australia for work globally. We believe a talent should not be pigeonholed based on ethnicity, impairment, sex or personal preferences but judged as whether or not they are an exceptional storyteller and visionary. It is a pleasure to continue serving and managing our clients who have that something special such as accent/language skills, musical dexterity, high physicality, cross-disciplinary talents and other specialist skills that they can bring to their art. 

ADVISORY SERVICE - We advise and partner with quality companies and facilitate educational initiatives globally to connect producers, writers and directors, with the same shared visions by providing opportunities in media and entertainment that address diversity and equality, subliminally to recalibrate the micro bias we have in all of us, whilst still telling a compelling story. We understand the changes in storytelling and transmission methods.  We encourage a layering of mediums in reaching out to the audience which blurrs the divides between the arts, music, storytelling, psychology, science, journalism and technology. This generally encompasses use of various vehicles that exist in storytelling, combining gaming, music, text, animation, theatre and film to be a sensory experience and reinforcing the message(s) unconsciously. Developing strategies and networks by thinking beyond, through and around the box.


REPRESENTATION - If you are a minimum of 18 years old and have professional (Equity minimum paid) credits and/or a professional drama degree, please hold phone calls and instead submit your IMDB or Spotlight link in our contact form below for consideration. We will contact potential clients if we feel we can be of assistance.

INVITATIONS TO SHOWS and SHOWCASES - Please contact us using the form below.

Useful sites: Equity, ACT and Spotlight



Our books are currently closed. Please do not contact us regarding representation until October 2020. Stay safe.

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